Pilbara Traffic Management offers a vast range of signage solutions available for businesses within our servicing region. Signage is an essential addition to any work site. PTM is your one stop solution provider for all your signage needs:

  • Variable Message Signs
  • Portable Traffic Lights
  • Arrow Boards
  • Temporary Fence Hire
  • Light Towers



Variable Message Signs are trailer-mounted self-powered machines with inbuilt GPS tracking. Available in two sizes (A and C Class) and built to Australian Standard 4852.2—2009, VMS boards can be used for a range of traffic management or road projects. These portable VMS are also used as large size electronic advertising signs for businesses, helping to drive customers in-store.

We also offer Variable Message Signs Integration, allowing the use of Portable Traffic Lights to integrate the two pieces of equipment, that then act as advanced warning signs for upcoming worksites organised via our Traffic Management Plans.


Portable Traffic Lights are a safe and cost-effective way to manage traffic at worksites, with their use not only saving labour costs but more importantly improving the safety of staff by taking them off the road and away from moving vehicles.

Portable Traffic Light systems are an essential traffic management tool for all Traffic Management projects, and are all built to Australian Standard AS 4191-1994. Solar powered and trailer-mounted, the lights use a remote-control system, and are quick and easy to set up on site with manual or automatic operation.


Pilbara Traffic Management offers Arrow Board mounted vehicles, all solar-powered and built to Australian Standard AS 4192-2006. Perfect for traffic management on road projects as well as in carparks to direct traffic, the boards are very easy to operate using a simple control.