Safety is the foundation to all that we do at Pilbara Traffic Management, and is embedded in all services and procedures we offer our clients and staff. We pride ourselves upon being fully dedicated to protection, with a large quantity of our motivation, budget and systems support solely dedicated to the well-being and health of those involved in our practices.

Constant re-evaluation of procedures, systems and methods guarantee Pilbara Traffic Management is up to date with the latest Traffic Industry developments. We understand that our high standards of safety cover not only our clientele and our staff, but all individuals who cooperate with the work-sites under our jurisdiction. Investing in innovative equipment, vehicles, labour and training ensures that on any given job, whether a local event or high traffic volume coordination, Pilbara Traffic Management are well organised and prepared for any task.

Being accredited and approved by Main Roads Western Australia signifies that Pilbara Traffic Management adheres to a strong commitment to enhancing traffic operations and safety within work zones, through compliance, evaluation and implementation. Particular practises such as Pre-shift Communication Plans, Company and Project Inductions and systematic staff consultations are essential for optimised safety performance.

Pilbara Traffic Management takes great care in maintaining all safety registers and figures from completed and current Projects, as these give us a basis for sustained improvement and a measurement on overall performance. Identifying possible trends of risk and development before a hazard is to arise is made clear with strict data collection and record safeguarding.

Let us take the guess work out of your next Project or Event, and have peace of mind that Pilbara Traffic Management will effectively and, above all, safely complete the task at hand.